HR Needs Assessment

An HR Needs Assessments is conducted to:
  • Develop a birds-eye picture of the HR elements comprising the company’s HR function.
  • Understand the strengths and shortcomings in respect to such elements.
  • Prioritize the needs against which future effort and investment will provide the most benefit.

We are well versed in the technical aspects of this topic. But of at least equal benefit is the perspective that we bring. The company’s capabilities in HR need to be aligned and balanced with other functions like overall strategy, business processes and technology tools. And a sense of context needs to be maintained when factors like the company’s size, culture, readiness for change and stage of growth enter into the picture.

In the HR arena, rarely are there universal and absolute best ways. We can help your company find and do what is best for it.

We have developed an easy to use and economical assessment tool that is called People-Scan. This on-line employee feedback survey provides valuable insights to people-related factors and their relative importance. It also establishes a quantitative baseline against which future progress can be measured. Click here to learn more.

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