People Development

To start, we can help you determine where your investment in people will do the most good – whether it is through training or the many other methods of employee development. Our work tends to centre on development needs assessment and planning. It often entails:
  • Defining the skills and knowledge the company now needs (and/or will need) to achieve its goals.
  • Identifying and assessing the company’s current inventory of skills and knowledge.
  • Defining the gap between what the company has and what it needs.
  • Devising and implementing action plans to fill the gap.

Dovetail Partners can and does provide certain types of sit-down training. However, in many cases the delivery of technical and generic training is best left to outside experts who specialize exclusively in that area and have ready-made programs on hand. We can help you identify such providers and select the offerings most appropriate to your company’s needs.

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