The following principles guide our thoughts and actions:
  • Strive for enduring relationships
  • Work with you, not for you
  • Consider the whole
  • Add real value
  • Maintain integrity
  • Communicate openly and often

Strive for enduring relationships

We want to add value, enjoy the work and actually see its impact. We believe that these desires are satisfied best through relationships that grow and last.

Dovetail Partners is not a high-volume shop that relies on multiple one-off engagements and a constant inflow of new customers. Most of our work is from clients with whom we have established relationships.

Like journeys, such relationships all began with a single first step in which we satisfied a specific need – perhaps like the one you have in mind now.

Work with you, not for you

We take the time to get to know you and your organization. We aim to...
  • understand your ways of thinking, motives and goals,
  • gain insights about what will work and will not, and
  • collaboratively tailor our methods and solutions, from beginning to end, to your company’s specific needs.

Consider the whole

Changes in one area of the company almost always impact on other areas. Has HR checked with Accounting to be certain it captures the right metrics for the new incentive pay program? Do we actually set out accountabilities for individuals that link back to the company’s business goals?

We understand and think through inter-dependent relationships, to ensure that the solutions implemented are integrated and do produce the results intended.

Add real value

We provide answers that are thought out, not just thought up. Ones that are practical and lasting, and that do add measurably to your bottom line. We do this by...
  • looking beyond symptoms,
  • digging to the heart of issues ,
  • making well-considered recommendations, and very importantly
  • working with you through the implementation of action plans.

In addition to delivering the expected results, we share and leave behind knowledge and methods that are of lasting value.

Maintain integrity

We accept only consulting engagements that we are qualified to do. If we were carpenters and you needed a plumber, we would tell you so. We are forthright and give honest, independent opinions.

We believe that every engagement is based on trust and respect. Your confidential information is safe with us.

Communicate openly and often

Assignments begin with a clear explanation of what we intend to do, how we will do it, the project deliverables, timing and cost considerations. We often outline your part as well, so right from the beginning we know what to expect from each other.

We stay in close touch as a project unfolds, frequently seeking your collaboration and keeping you informed about our progress.

Along with the principles outlined above, Dovetail Partners adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada).

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