Quality and Value

Since its beginning, Dovetail Partners has had two simple goals in mind: work with clients we enjoy and help them prosper.

In keeping with those goals, we have purposely kept the operation small, simple and efficient. We would rather invest our time and talent in serving clients than in meeting payroll or paying rent on a stylish office.

This approach means that our clients benefit from very cost-effective fees, while still receiving high quality advice and results. Truly, the best of both worlds.

Although we have undertaken assignments on a flat fee basis, we have found that time-and-materials arrangements (where we’re paid at an agreed professional rate) often work the best for both parties. Once a project has commenced and we begin to understand the company and its issues, clients often ask us to delve into areas that were not originally specified. Nor is it unusual for us to be working for a client on several separate, but inter-related matters at the same time.

Having the flexibility to redirect efforts and adapt quickly when things change produces the best outcomes. This has often proven to be a better approach than locking-in a rigid project plan with a fixed price, and afterward tracking and charging extra for the out-of-scope deviations that so often do occur.

There won’t be any unpleasant surprises regarding our fees. We always provide estimates at the beginning and regular updates as assignments move along.

We do not accept contingent fee engagements.

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