Getting the Right People - Search & Selection

We assist in finding, keeping and growing the right people. We also help focus their talent and energy on doing the right things to make your company succeed. As a leader, the most consequential decisions you make involve picking the right people to work with you.

Above all, beware of mediocrity. Hire great performers and you will see the rewards soon. Hire poor ones and they will probably leave before doing too much damage. But hire people who are just good enough and then do nothing to raise them from mediocrity, and you will pay the price for a very long time and in ways that you may never know.

Perhaps you would benefit from our help in properly defining a new job or in developing selection criteria for evaluating internal candidates. Or maybe you need a full-service Executive Search to fill a key senior or specialized role.

Since 1986, Dovetail Partners’ founder (Merv Manthey) has successfully completed well over 200 recruitment and selection assignments – ranging from Executive Searches for CEOs to the complete staffing of the first Canadian plant for a Japanese multinational. In recognition of his substantial expertise, he was called upon to develop and author KPMG’s National Professional Practice Standards for Search and Selection. The recruitment arena is one in which we definitely excel.

The services we offer in this area include:
  • Executive Search
  • Employee selection processes
  • Succession and resource planning
  • Jobs definition, assessment and design
  • Labour market research

Solutions for "Doing the Right Things"